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So I’m a IT Security Analyst with 15+ years experience in the IT industry, Always been a keen lover of the old red teaming \ pen testing but lets be fair when I was younger it was just known as hacking. I’ll post the odd random bit now and again so pop back and take a look once in a while. I’ll try and keep my blogs helpful and easy to understand, with that said happy reading.

Blog Links -

Coming Soon - TCM’s PNPT (Practical Network Penetration Tester Exam) Review [PNPTReview]

Offensive Defence - Think early warning system Offensive Defence

Covenant - Install and Example Usage Covenant Install & Usage

PhishMe - Phishing Example Usage Phishing Example Usage

MitreAtt&ckApp - My previous Splunk Dashboard converted to an app MitreAtt&ckApp

MitreAtt&ck Splunk Dashboard - MitreAtt&ckDaskboard

Att&ck Discover & BlueTeam - A quick pen test with monitoring results Att&ckDiscoverBlueTeam

Blue Team Reg Monitoring - Reg Keys to monitor RegMonitoring



Find me on the Twitter @CyberZombi3